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Well, add this to the list of things I just happened to miss at Sonar and get really pissed off about after.
  Alison Goldfrapp has graced albums from Tricky,Orbital and Add N to (x), now teamed up with Will Gregory (a young filmscore enthusiast), John Parish (PJ Harvey) and Adrian Utley(Portishead), a debut CD has been released through Mute. With the aboveroster it's hard to get away from Portishead or film score comparisons,but Goldfrapp owes more inspiration from 40s jazz singers combined witha film noir enthusiasm. Open the CD and images strike up Twin Peakseeriness mixed with breathtaking natural beauty. The music can bedescribed somewhat like that, deep rich sounds with Alison's tendervoice (and whistling) gently layered on the top, echoing voices frombeyond the final resting points of some of the mid-20th Century's bestloved jazz singers. Gothic-jazz? Portis-Peaks? Franken-Sushi? Now I'mgetting giddy.