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Barrelling forward with releases, John Hughes' Hefty Records has boldly issued a series of stellar limited edition 12" singles.First up was the Savath + Savalas 12" - something I missed, limited to 700 copies and now sold out. Second up is the debut of A Grape Dope, a delicious subsonic bass cochlear vibrating dub-friendly three-tracker from Johnny Herndon (Tortoise/Isotope), limited to 750 copies. IA003 is limited to only 525 copies and features two primo tracks from Twine, plunging deep and low with thick frequencies, lengthy intros and a disregard for conventional low-tempo high-fidelity. Side one is a chunky sexual feast, side two hypnotic and divine. Retina provides three top quality constructional head bobbers for the fourth in the series, also limited to 525 copies. The fifth 12" comes from Samadha Trio, limited to 850 copies and featuring four tracks of various origin. A studio tune opens with organic drums with space-jazz organ riding alongside a spacious fluffy electronic bubblebath, followed by a live-ish tune of bass, piano and drums with slick electronic mixing. And finally, the last in the series conveniently wraps things up with a couple remixes from The Aluminum Group, John Hughes, Slicker and Savath+Savalas as well as two new tracks from an entity called Process. Along with the minimal packaging and uniform design I must say I haven't looked at vinyl this gorgeous with grooves this deep and pretty in a long time. Glancing at their website, a forthcoming 2xCD release appears to have stuff from this series, but I sure hope nothing's left out as these 12" singles are quite astonishing.