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Another EasternMassachusetts native, Hrvatski has released this collection of yummystuff from 1996-1998 on his label, Reckankreuzungsklankewerzeuge (yeah,it's pronouncable).
His flavor is a choppity chopped up sonicbubblebath of abrasive beats, quick changes and obtrusive melodies.Many fans of Kid 606 shouldn't go without hearing this fella who's beenplaying in the same Macintosh-powered genre since before Kid could seeR rated movies legally. It's less comical but truly imaginative,talented and thrilling to listen to. Those with existing heartconditions be warned. 60 second sound clips truly don't do this artistjustice as each track has many different movements. Short attentionspan theater, indeed. Note: this disc was released with assistance fromForced Exposure and I've personally not seen it elsewhere...