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Also approximately two years old this week is the brand new CD from Ida.
  This was theill-fated release funded by Capitol Records and shelved indefinitelywhen they realized they didn't know what to do with good music. Withthat in mind, I was prepared for the worst - for an album of slickproduction and instruments which would feel way out of place on an Idarecord. Much to my pleasant surprise, this has been one of their bestdiscs ever. With a longer running time than most of their otherreleases, they really let their songs grow and develop on "Will YouFind Me." Guests include Ida Pearle on violin, Bernie Worrell onkeyboards, Warn Defever on guitar and Tara Jane O'Neill on melodicaamong others. Out now on Tiger Style, the disc does indeed make mewonder how much American Music Club they've been listening to latelygiven the title of the album and an unrelated song titled "Firefly!"