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I'm always somewhat lost and rather dazed when I get a new Isotope record, as it's never what I really expected.
  This time around, the group recruited veteran Chicagoproduction guru, Casey Rice among others into the production team ofchampions. For the umpteenth time this week in a review, I feel thatthese 60 second sound samples do not do the songs justice, as each songon this album changes gears almost completely after a few minutes,starting off with electronics usually and ending on an improvisationaljam by young jazz upstarts. Most of the recordings took place in thestudios, but there's bits and pieces near the end which were allstarted on the stage. Damon Locks of The Eternals steps on themicrophone to get the crowd pumped up towards the end, the band groovesand then studio fuckery takes over in a wonderful mishmosh of noise,jazz and glorious sound. Saucy and electrifying, this disc will surelybecome one of my favorites again this year.