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As if 4 separate volumes of the "Disburden Disciple" album weren'talready enough, here is an extra CD-R's worth of 'work in progress'tracks to tide the more rabid fans over in the downtime between the 1stand 2nd installments. Jarboe has long made her unfinished workavailable to the public to further reveal her creative process overtime and, perhaps, to help finance her life and future projects. Whatimmediately strikes me about the music on this disc is how wellproduced the tracks are even in a demo form. And though theinstrumentation is somewhat skeletal - some guitar, drum/bass loops,keys - it's not too terribly far off from finished product. Backworldguitarist Joseph Budenholzer and James Izzo, aka Thread, help providemusically while lyrically Jarboe continues to heal and grow. "ToForget" and "Lost" couple sweet vocals with pretty guitar melodiessplit across the stereo field. On "Feral" Jarboe unleashes severallengthy, cathartic bellows over spooky piano chords and atmospheres."Angel" and "Real Life" feature the electronic bass and beatprogramming, presumably by Izzo, that works so well with Jarboe'svoice. "Penance" specializes in gorgeous breathy vocals, outstretchedbass notes and pretty piano twinklings. "Notebook Fragments" and "W/outWords" are a bit more 'artsy' and dramatic, the latter expressingitself vocally with no words. The next "Disburden Disciple" looks to bevery promising judging from these supposedly rough sketches, possiblybetter than the first album which was also very good. "Dislocation" isavailable from The Living Jarboe web site for $15 signed .