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In most places where this is listed for sale, it is called "1", not""; just so you know if you're looking for it. MichaelFakesch (Funkstörung) wrote a glowing review of it, and that is whatmost folks post as a blurb. And why not? Fakesch (and Deluca) releasedit on their excellent Musik Aus Strom, and one can see where it crosseslines with their music. Where Funkstörung just cant seem to helpthemselves in the "I'm-not-gunna-let- this-beat-run-in- straight-meter"tomfuckery, Crunch lets the beats run in straight meter. He picks somehighly digitized sounds and builds with that, none of the 4000 samplesper 3 minutes here. There are changes, great changes, sweeping changeswithin each track even, but it seems more within the scope of thetrack. If you've ever thought or said, "this funkstörung record isgreat but i wish they'd keep a beat and stop showing me how manymillions of samples they have stored", then this is close to what youasked for. Most of the record is decidedly downtempo, eitherhead-noddingly slow, pulse beat or beatless; synth washes are generallyon the somber side, with melodies subtle and often quite beautiful.Most of the programming sounds pretty complex, if controlled.Headphones are recommended for occasional use. Overall, this is verynicely varied electronic music, really one of the best in recent monthsI've heard. Somehow original sounding enough in a genre fast becominghomogenous. If you get the chance, get it on thick slabby double vinyl,in the great sleeve Fakesch got gooey about. I don't have anything badto say about this record and I'm really looking forward to other stufffrom this anonymous outfit. If you want a comparison beyondFunkstorung, none of this would sound out of place on a Schematic MusicCompany compilation. Very recommended. Thank you for your time.