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It's nice to see that in Kid's ripe old age of 20 he has no plans of slowing down.
It's nice to see that inKid's ripe old age of 20 he has no plans of slowing down. This is thefirst full-lengther from electronica's most obnoxious little brother tosurface this year (there are now rumors floating around about a fulllengther from Warp and one for Mute in the upcoming months). "Down withthe Scene" has been released through Mike Patton's new Ipecac label andit is not a light effort. The 18 second opener, "Chart Topping RadioHit" is just an indication of some of the surprises about to come, youplop the CD in, turn it up and the shock of the blast can easily wreckyour speakers. What follows is nearly an hour's worth of mayhem andsample madness, drum and bass nightmare, kitch and creativity, soul andsin, ending up with the classic crowd pleaser, Hrvatski's remix of "MyKitten" (which appeared on 606 and Friends Vol. 1 earlier this year).


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