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Montreal's scratchmasterKid Koala brings this tasty treat of 14 new tracks of groovingmelodies, peculiar samples, breakbeats and scratches.
It'sentertaining, varied and linear from start to finish, featuring twotracks by Bullfrog, a rhythmic band in which Kid Koala fronts at theturntables. It seems like it would music to just chill out to, but theodd clips and effects thrown in add a lot of humor to the mood. Most ofthe tracks have tons of samples throughout, rewound and sped up andscratched about to mix right in with the groove of the back beats. Onetrack even samples a man imitating a chicken, and somehow combines itwith It falls short of 40 minutes however, but is good enough to keepgoing. Also included is a cute comic book starring Kid Koala and someNinja Tunes.