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Kim Cascone, formerly of Silent Records, has founded the new label Anechoic and this is the debut release.
  "Parasites" is, to borrow a few bits from the pressrelease, "a blurring of the line between atomic samples andcompositions ... for either listening or constructing new pieces with".Most of the 20 numbered parasites are in the 6 seconds to 1 and 1/2minute range for a total of about 16 and 1/2 minutes. Each is a merefragment of heavily processed, digital desktop minimalism. It's notreally 'glitch' or any other easily discernible genre, just quick wavesand buzzes of sound. Altogether they form a haphazard collection ofdreadfully similar and not too terribly exciting, almost offensivelydull, music. It's a shame that parasite12 is only 32 seconds longbecause it's the most intense, unique and interesting of the lot. I'mnot normally one to use the "I could do this myself" line but in thiscase I'd have much more fun making my own in an hour with Cool Editthan listening to these. But maybe that's the point? I honestly don'tknow what the point is. The disc itself is the most appealing featureas it's a new 3" square shaped cd format known as 'card discs'. Likemini cds you need a player, such as a Discman, with a spindle in orderto play it. Ultimately what I'm left with is a $10 piece of eye candyto show to my friends after asking "have you ever seen a square cd?" Mymom thinks it's cute. I didn't play it for her though ...