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Luke Vibert (aka WagonChrist, Plug, etc.) teams up with legendary pedal steel guitarist BJCole (further augmented by six additional musicians including TomJenkinson aka Squarepusher) for what would seem to be a bizarre andunlikely collaboration.
The result is as eclectic as the back catalogsof both players and it works. The 13 tracks ignore the traditionalboundaries of numerous genres, freely exploring and combining dance,ambient, lounge, country & western, Hawaian, swing, jazz, etc.Cole's pedal steel adds a unique vibe to Vibert's goofy samples and hiphop-lite beats, whether it be as ambient backing or lead licks. Italmost seems as if Cole's parts are merely samples but that's thething, they're not. The blend of 'real' and machine music is seamlessand sounds natural. Three tracks also have vocals, which is unfortunatein the case of Addie Brik's whining and moaning on "Nick Cave" butfunny in the case of Bobby Valentino's spoken intro and outro pieces.And with track titles like "Swing Lite - Alright", "Hipalong Hop","This Stuff is Fresh" and "Party Animal" ... how can you possibly gowrong? "Stop the Panic" isn't mindblowing but I don't think it'sintended to be. It's certainly interesting and a lot of fun. It'salways good to hear talented musicians from such supposedly differentgenerations and musical worlds collaborate. Vibert and Cole arecurrently on tour in Europe.