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"That's what he's beendoing for years," says Jessica regarding my comments of the latestcollection from Brian Williams, a.k.a. Lustmord.
  "It sounds like a filmscore," I claim, but it's really more than just a film score. It soundslike the bits of the film score which never make it onto the record.(Those bits and pieces of sound effects sans dialogue, coupled withunderlying noises and aural effects.) These noises sometimes are thebest parts of the film's score but for some reason only the played-outorchestral repetitive themes ever make it onto a "score" disc (if one'sever made in the first place). All too often there's scabs of hits fromhip alterna-major label starlets littering a movie CD, with a coupleinstrumental tracks tossed in for good karma. On Purifying Fire,Lustmord has collected recordings from 1995-1999 and pieced themtogether much like a film score of his own. Add some dialogue andInstant Hollywood! The disc is pleasant, sounds are great but in myopinion the themes are rather weak. Sounds like a true Hollyweirdprofessional!