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Two CDs this week I've pulled from the home-made bin as I think these folks are moving in the right direction.
  NYC's Marc Gartman has pieced together a one-offensemble to complete the pictures on his first full-length CD. Thepackaging that showed up at my door had the disc housed in a paintedtyvek sleeve with plastic printing and a hand-printed image of afactory looking thing, a neat fastener was glued onto the back to keepthe sleeve closed when not in use, but it sure is uncomfortable in theCD collection next to everything else. The music itself could easily bea session of seasoned jazz musicians playing a tribute to Louisville.Improvisational while introspective in nature, not afraid to play quietand meaningful. Instruments showcased include violin, melodica anddouble bass alongside acoustic guitar, drums and piano. LookoutRachel's! Through more investigation, I find out this ensemble as itexists on this disc will most likely never happen again. It's a shameas I would love to hear this incarnation live. The production isastonishing for a homemade release. Added effects on certain tracksinclude crickets and possible gunshots in the distance. Hard to believethis is a NYC based collective, as it could easily be music conceivedwhile sitting on a back porch at twilight, staring out into the fields,watching fireflies in the sunset! I'd love to flood this issue withmore sound samples, but hopefully three will be enough. For moreinformation (including how to get your very own copy), check out