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In 1987 Masami Akita (akaMerzbow) mailed a cassette of sound material to Christoph Heemann(H.N.A.S., Current 93, Mirror, Mimir, etc.) which the latter thenworked on for the next 6 years.
  The CD was originally released in 1993and has just now been reissued by Streamline Germany. Heemann restrainsand refines Akita's normally brutal noise and adds his own collage ofsounds: drones, washes, electronics and samples such as metals andchirping birds. Heemann truly paints with sound and here the Merzbowmaterial is just another shade of audio color for his abstract andimpressionist palette. He then shapes it all into five pieces, eachwith a particular character all it's own, ranging from 1 and 1/2 to 18and 1/2 minutes for just over 41 minutes total. The end result is thesame as everything else I've heard that involves Heemann: utterlybeautiful. Hypnotic passages of waterfall wash, layered electronicdrone, metallic churnings, gurgling static and deep ambiance perfectlyflow into one another. "Sleeper Awakes.." is superb and a very welcomereminder for me to get everything with Heemann's name in the creditsfrom this day forward ...