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The debut release fromJoon Hong and Varunee co-operator Chokdee Rutirasiri and hasmaterialized as the third release on the young Boston-based labelVarunee. Miro's first full-lengther was co-produced in Chicago withMatt Lux (of Isotope 217) and features contributions from Lux and a fewother area players. The disc opens up with an enjoyable Mouse OnMars-influenced instrumental bit, a moderate-paced melodic yet glitchypiece, from there the disc becomes somewhat sour and repetitious. Thefollowing eight tracks are good starts, but seemingly underdevelopedand homogenous. What works on here is the experimentation of sound: thecollective has found great uses for their gear, plays it well and hasmade the sound work for them in a great environment. The charming organsounds and analogue keyboards mixed with digital processing is somewhatof an accomplishment. Unfortunately the production is a bit muddy andrarely allows the instruments to really stand out with their ownidentity. What doesn't work on this disc is the overly dramatic yetflat vocals: this album should have been either entirely instrumentalor only had voice on two tracks. (Which ones I can't decide on becauseI'm not terribly fond of the singer or context.) On the up-side ofthings, I'll be interested to hear how this group progresses, as thisstart certainly has quite a bit of unrealized potential. Hint of advicefor new bands: start with singles, get experience, work your way up. Adebut album is an ambitious undertaking, both financially andpsychologically, rarely is somebody going to make a stellar debut. Evenif you do, chances are you'll always be compared to that debut or killyourselves trying to top it. Create a buzz and leave short but powerfulimpressions on the listeners.