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Moblin is Chris Ragnar Bergen, multi-talented artist and apparentproprietor of Bergen has an obvious predilectionfor old school computing and gaming, namely Dos and 8 bit Nintendo, asevidenced from the moniker (a character from the NES "Legend of Zelda"series), title and artwork. Perhaps it's this love of fun and engaginginteractive machines that provides his penchant for likewiseelectronica. The 11 cute and/or oddly titled tracks that make up the38+ minutes of "CPrompt" draw upon the playfulness of those classicvideo game themes and the influence of fellow modern electronicswizards such as Kid 606 and Matmos. Moblin's sound set is predominantlywarm tones, bass and beats with similar samples and the occasionaloutburst of static or noise. At times it's a chaotic barrage of splicedsamples and at others a markedly restrained ambient walk in the park.But it's Bergen's skill in data sequencing and attention to precisedetail that makes these tracks special ... test tones, ripplingglitches, minuscule loops, fuzzy melodies and appropriated rhythm bitsseemingly fall into place rather effortlessly. This is really highquality stuff that bears repeated listening. Judge for yourself withmp3s of four full tracks at thistownisdoomed/moblin. Next up for Moblinis 2 tracks on a 7" for the Itcfwak label and a new EP entitled "TheWar On Drugs is a Joke."