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Noise/Girl (R.I.P.), "Discopathology"

The second release in V/Vm's highly limited color-coded distressed-audio series has arrived as an orange/black splattered platter. Stockport's finest has delivered a top-notch selection of intense beefy noise cuts based on rawkus dancefloor anthems, with all due respects paid to Bernard Edwards and Nile Rogers. To quote the sleeve,

    "On the 7th of July in Shibuya, Tokyo, Noise/Girl was officially pronounced dead. Cause of death: an overdose of bald guys in black t-shirts 'experimenting' at laptops for hours, too much time at boring 'art' events when there was a dance club next door, too many lame Merzbow CDs released by uncritical foreign record companies, too many live gigs where the audience thought the disco tracks were 'ironic,' too many dumb articles about the difference between 'noise' and other music.
    Noise/Girl was NEVER a 'noise' band, it was just a band.
    They were the cutest,
    They were the loudsest"

Aside from an intro like that I don't know what more to say except I find this one of the finest pieces of shit I've heard in the last few minutes. Seriously, the intensity of the first track alone is enough to send my booty shaking crazier than in my hornier college days. Cute and loud are perfect ways to describe these four songs screaming for attention to blast at the loudest volumes while stuck on the freeway, slaving away hard at the office late at night or getting ready for a Friday night romantic dinner evening. Banzai!