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'Alice The Goon' was previously a vinyl-only issue of 500 pieces, available to a lucky few at the Nevers Festival in France.
  It was hard to come by and sellingfor high prices on auction websites. Fortunately, for the Nurse WithWound fans not so lucky to be in France, Stapleton has agreed to alloweveryone a chance to hear this music again.The CD features the two songs from the original release plus anadditional untitled piece which many are calling simply 'Alice TheGoon.' The first track sounds like it would fit right in on the 'Sylvieand Babs'release; imagine an old phonograph player belting out a brass-ladeninstrumental. The second track is a little less involved. The thirdtrack, however, sounds right out of 'A Missing Sense.' There is littlemovement and many drones in this song that could certainly lull you tosleep. An accompanying version of the 12" is also available in alimited pressing with only an etching on side B. It's three tracks,about 30 minutes long, with many expected sounds and surprises thatonly Nurse With Wound can deliver.