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Propergol, "United States of..."

Loud. Before I describe or review this CD in any length, one word can describe it perfectly: loud. This is probably the loudest album I've ever heard, and certainly raises the bar on intensity more than any other power electronics album I've ever heard.For you PE freaks out there (anyone? anyone read the Brain and give a shit about power electronics? We'll see, I guess), you may know the French Propergol from his previous two CDRs, limited to 99 and 200 copies respectively - they weren't bad, but I didn't listen to either of them more than once. He has much improved on his latest release, and actually, it's quickly becoming one of my favorite PE albums released recently. It starts off quite well, with "Swat-police," a mash of found sounds, distortion, and movie samples. That's where the album's only (possible) downfall comes into play. For those of you who hate movie samples (I usually don't mind them, and I think the ones used on this album are used pretty well), "United States..." will be intolerable. Movie samples are used judiciously and frequently, and apt listeners will quite easily discern their origins. As the album progresses, it gets louder, louder, and louder (although I've found that the lower in proximity your ears are to the floor, the quieter the album gets. Does bass rise?), climaxing somewhere around the sixth track. Certainly not for everyone, but if you're into it, get it now.