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I haven't had an opportunity yet to see this movie, since the one weekend it played in Boston I happened to be in Spain.
  Regardless, the film could simply beyet another attempt at documenting upbeat electronic music (if I usedthe word techno or rave, somebody will surely step in and tell me thedifferences of each). Anyhow, the CD collection is simply okay, leaningtowards the more mediocre with appearances by Psychic TV, Spooky,Future Sound of London and the Crystal Method. I got it for the MeatBeat Manifesto track, and of course am still salivating for a new MBMfull-lengther. Compilation tracks are okay, but they're never the bestof the artist. An annoying attribute of this CD is the one liners fromrave kids which litters the disc between tracks. A wiser choice wouldbe stuffing them inside a hidden track at the beginning which you couldonly hear if you rewinded from the start of track 1... Worth mentioninghowever that as an added bonus, ACIDplanet Express software (for thePC) is included on the disk. It's looping techno software which I'msure functions much better in the full release as opposed to the'express' version.