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I was fortunate to also find this in Barcelona at a reasonable rate.
 It's a German 2xCD release of exclusive tracks from Tortoise, Isotope217, Mick Turner, Bobby Conn, Pullman, Bundy K. Brown, Ken Vandermark5, Chicago Underground Duo, Freakwater and many many more. While it'san excellent collection of some of these bands finer songs and amust-have for any fan of these bands, I'm left wondering what's thepoint? Did this German 'discover' these bands? It's not as if theyhaven't been touring all around Europe for the last 5 years or more,really. I haven't seen it on this side of the water yet but I haveheard word that it is avaialble through various mail order outlets.Full with a big booklet with words in German (translated into English)and loads of pictures of bulls, it's a great bargain!