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There once was a technocollection titled "Beware of Bass," and I wished I paid attention tothat warning, because any compilation with the word "Bass" in thetitle, stay far away from.
  I think I may have been drunk when I orderedthis one from a new release sheet, and it's too bad I wasn't sent thisone for free because it's utterly pointless. Disc one collects allpreviously released music from various artists, yet many of the songshave bad pop cliche female vocals brought directly to the front of themix. Contributors include Schneider TM, Zombie Nation, Natacha Atlas,Doug Wimbish and Bowery Electric, who's 'Passages' is the same damnedversion as the one on the Lushlife CD. Disc 2 is set up in a DJ mixstyle which includes previously released tracks from Mouse on Mars, GusGus, Pole, Ken Ishii and many others remixed by Mackami for 'BassEnforcement Soundsystem.' Not worth it. Save your money.