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It's a neat concept, a 3"CD featuring nearly three hours of music compressed in MP3 format. Thevarious artists featured here include Christoph De Babalon, KimCascone, Oval / Frank Metzger and Pimmon. Throw the disc into thecomputer (since most people reading this are probably most listening tomusic on their computers these days) and use the web page interface tonavigate to listen to each track,... The music has been compressed atvarious frequencies, all of which, (according to the notes) maintainthe original CD sound quality. Perhaps with this type ofcomputer-generated electronic minimal music this is correct, but itwould be interesting to compare sounds on a big stereo withuncompressed music in a CD format. Another neat concept with this isthe interface in which you can play these tracks: nearly every artist'sname has a hyperlink to their home page while the tracks they providewill begin playing when clicked on. The downside is that after eachtrack you have to go back and click something new. There's no option tomake a continuous play (unless you simply load all the songs into yourmp3 player directly from your computer). Portability with this releaseis of course completely shot, but think of it this way: music can befun to explore again! Remember the days of buying records, bringingthem home and throwing them on - you had to be there to enjoy themusic, so you were provided a big lyric sheet, loads of big pictures,etc... While cassettes were the portable media, CDs pretty much killedthe magic of vinyl for most consumers. I hope this is the beginning ofa series, one which may feature more diverse acts than chin-scratchingemail checking laptop fuckers. For more information, check out