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Borrowing the title fromHafler Trio's "Four Ways of Saying Five," this tribute CD from Hushushis divided into four equal 15 minute parts and arranged alphebeticallyby artist. Featured here are Aube, Lilith, P.A.L. and Propeller. Thefour selections are both tributal and derivative. Much like HaflerTrio's work, all are very spacious, intoxicating, compelling anddreamlike, pulling the listener into a trance and then yanking the rugout with a sudden change. They are cold-calculated and devious,everything is intentional. These pieces are in no way easy to digestnor do they rest well with the listener, which make them all the morefascinating, much as Hafler Trio's work. Perhaps this is why I've saton this disc for months now without saying a word. Listen to the tracksand judge for yourself.