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Eleven years of German rock comes together for this medium priced sampler from label L'Age D'or.
  I can't say I've heard of any of these bands but they sure dorock a lot more excitingly than a lot of the post-kraut-rock to surfaceover the last couple years. This isn't to say that stuff is bad oranything, but there's more to German rock than noodling at keyboardsand bass guitar, keeping your mouth shut. I'm now interested in findingout more about various bands on here like Tocotronic, whose openingsong just jumps out of the speakers with a pop style almost ready forprime time and an electronic element faking skipping sounds, all inrhythm. The energy continues with entertaining interpretations of TheJams' "That's Entertainment" and a 7-banjo cover of Kraftwerk's"Autobahn" by Fink. Look for it, hunt for it and if you give up,