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"RGB [an audio spectrum]"

Also re-distributed byWorld Serpent (from 1998 originally) is the collaboration between LeifElggren, souRce Research and Matmos.
  The disc opens with acollaborative effort, "Black," a 10 minute long piece with more silencethan noise. At this point I'm thinking "yippee, another minimalistic thing trying to be cool,..."—Ididn't get it. The second track is a 44 minute long piece withindividual sections of around 15 minutes from each artist, separately.Leif does "Red," souRce research does "Green," while Matmos does"Blue." Things are starting to make sense... The last track, can youguess? "White!" All artists' individual bits are combined together.Anybody who knows how the RGB spectrum might find that cute. Alsoincluded in the CD is three separate covers you can choose for thewindow of your jewel case, Red has Leif's name first, Blue has Matmos,etc,... It's definitely one of the more clever conceptual releases I'veseen in a while.