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The latest round of theTravels in Constants series from Temporary Residence Limited has beenshipped out and I can't say how amazing this series has become. Unfortunately I probably shouldn't be saying much as, well, if youdidn't pre-order them by May, you won't get them. On the positive side,there's chances that these musical releases will see the light of dayagain on future releases from the bands themselves, unfortunately theTravels in Constants series is subscription only. This time around,volume 7 stars Will Oldham as Bonny Billy as he performs a select 7cover tunes including PJ Harvey's "Better Than Anything" and JohnPhillips' "Somebody's Sleeping." Volume 8 features three new innovativeintrospective pieces from Paul Newman, while Volume 9 is an imaginarysoundtrack for "The Exit Letters" as performed by Low. Low's recordingis quite different than nearly all their previous works - it's entirelyinstrumental and features strings and other 'scoring' instruments.These series are phenomenal but you have to be on the ball if you wantto hear them. The next set should include more incredible stuff, even aMogwai one is planned. For more information, see