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Intransitive Recordingshas given us a souvenir of a non-existant wrap-party for the firstseries of recordings from this discriminating label. "Variious" alsofunctions as the start of series two for the label. Featured recordingartists on the set include a Richard Chartier, *0, Pimmon, Mark Behrensand Brume. The music is for serious listeners only with a serenemesmerising headphonic contribution from Taylor Dupree to an auralrollercoaster by John Waterman, cut and processed field recordings byJustin Bennett to a sea of radio waves from Michael Prine. Chicago'sown Kevin Drumm's bit sounds like electronic mice scurrying through anunderground train station while an improvisational noise track fromlabel-owner Howie Stelzer and Boston-based electronician Brendan Murraywas pulled here from a live in-store recording at the local TwistedVillage, and that's only the beginning! Exploring various avenues ofimprovisational and calculated sound textures, Intransitive hasessentially been taking audio snapshots of movement. With this in mind,this 2xCD set is much like a photo album featuring some of thephotographer's most favorite pictures. With all Intransitive releases,this disc is limited and I'm predicting it will be a much sought afteritem before long.