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I've got to give Robert Rich credit. More power to the guy for beingable to release a big three CD live set for only 23 dollars!That's one hell of a price for three hours of music. This set is worthit too. It's a series of concerts in California from 1998 in thetypical Rich style. Long expansive drones, dark ambient textures,tribal percussion, everything you could ask for if you're a fan ofRapoon's "Fires of the Borderlands" or Lustmord. Lustmord fans shouldalso take note because some of the tracks' source materials are culledfrom the Rich/Lustmord collaboration Fathom records put out a few yearsago. That CD ranks alongside classics like "Heresy," and these threeCDs are just as interesting. Slowly developing, and never boring,longtime Rich fans will enjoy this, as well as those who don't have allthat much cash to throw around. Like I said, it's a great deal of musicfor very little money. Rich's lap steel is in heavy evidence here, justlike on the rest of his discs. Think some of the better Michael Brookwork, like on "Hybrid". I think Rich is in danger of overusing thiseffect, but I didn't find it out of place on these CDs. I really likethis new label Hypnos, too. The rest of their catalog is just asinteresting, releasing some great stuff from Jeff Greinke and VidnaObmana. I really can't recommend a better Ambient release that I'veheard so far this year. I even like the packaging, with gorgeousphotography by Brad Cole. This release was tailored for those with the3CD changer and a nice big book on transubstantiation.