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Remember bringing homeScorn's "Gyral," "Ellipsis," or "Evanescence" and being absolutely inlove with the sound? Following the medium-well release of "LogghiBarogghi" there wasn't much excitement with the Scorn name affixed tothe product. Mick Harris pursued other avenues of sound sculpture whichhave all been fairly decent while releases like "Zander" or "Whine"weren't anything you'd pull from the shelves to listen to all thatoften. But then, almost out of nowhere, Scorn is back through Ant-Zen'sever-growing Hymen imprint. The four-song "Imaginaria Award" EP wasreleased earlier this year giving me faith and hope for something goodbrewing. When "Greetings from Birmingham" arrived, I was as thrilled asthe kid who finally gets his Luke Skywalker action figure he alwayswanted. "Fuck, yeah!" Scorn indeed does rule again, with powerful harddub and metal influenced beats screaming from the speakers. "PLAY MELOUD" the music shouts in my ear. I follow the orders and am not letdown. Thanks Mick, we missed you.