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Senking is Jens Massel (aka Kandis, Fumble) and this cd combines the two4 track 12" EPs "Ping" and "Thaw", all of which are on Germany's KaraokeKalk label.
  Senking's music is layered electronic soundscape with someglitch minimalism influence. The Ping tracks combine an ever evolving,reverberated mix of deep bass swells, warm and fuzzy atmospheres andmelodies and bits of clickety-clack metallic percussion. Pretty soothingstuff similar to Senking's '20 to 2000' contribution last year, the oneexception being the 7+ minutes of "Risk" which adds some distortion tothe mix. The Thaw tracks are more minimal and they suffer because ofthat. "Bones" and "Ping" (curiously enough, "Ping" is on the "Thaw" EPrather than the "Ping" EP) are dull, aimless and unnecessarily lengthy atover 7 and 8 minutes respectively. "Thaw" unfortunately uses dialoguesamples from a bad sci-fi movie throughout. "Harrigan" begins with seminoisy sound collage then develops into a more typical Senking track inthe latter half. It's probably the most interesting of the lot and iscertainly the best of the Thaw tracks. Altogether "Ping Thaw" is hit andmiss with 5 good tracks and 3 duds, maybe not quite worth the >$15 importprice tag. It's a shame that Thaw is Senking's latest work because I'dlike to hear him further explore the Ping mindset in the future. Massel'slatest release is the self titled debut as Fumble, also on Karaoke Kalk.