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Hailing from the UK, this is the debut album by Sieben.
  They sound a lot like some of the"Heavenly Voices" bands from Germany, featuring two lead singers, onewhose voice quality is reminiscent of Sade, the other who reminds me abit of Katharina Franck in her ethereal-cabaret style. Unfortunately,the liner notes give no hints of who is singing on which track. Theirvoices come together with velvety tremolos and canonic harmonies. Moodyclassical arrangements with eerie synths produce beautiful gothicsoundscapes. Matt Howden, from Sol Invictus and PigSix4, appears withhis violin prominently on most of the tracks, and as always, he adds adimension to the music which is priceless. That, plus Wakeford's guestvocals on Second Watchwords remind me that I really must dust off myold Sol Invictus albums and listen to them again!