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Slicker, "the latest"

The Latest from John Hughes III under the Slicker incarnate is anothermilestone for him, with zesty electronics accompanied by thick low-endgrooves, continuously evolving songs and sprinklings of organic Chicagopost-jazz instrumentality. There's never a dull second over the courseof 51 minutes, as the sources, programs, tempos and feel varies fromtrack to track. From punchy techno "jams" to low-cool dub grooves,Hughes is a master at the mix. Additional contributors on the discinclude pianist/saxophonist Christopher Case, vibe player Rick Embach,drummer Kevin Duneman and a mysterious guest samplist named Mat Mos.Hmmmm,... Somebody's got a lot of great friends! =) Hughes hasadmirably embraced some of the best aspects of the 'Scarlet Diva'triumph without alienating the sound for which Slicker is known. Thingswill get confusing when the follow-up gets released as kids will stillbe asking for "The Latest" in the shops. Great f'n album, Hughes, sillytitle!