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I wish folks like Jason Molina would stop burdening their songs with rogueH's dropped into words that don't want or need them, such as "The badluh-huck tastes / of the darkS" from the new Songs: Ohia album. It'scondescending and annoying -- and we can blame ol' Will Oldham for making itfashionable again. Having typed this, I'm happy to tell you that GHOSTTROPIC is mostly engaging enough in its funereally paced way to overcomesuch a ridiculous vocal mannerism -- less of which is noticeable on GHOSTTROPIC than on previous ones. Gourgeous, langorous low-end guitar linesslither through Molina's ballads, here and there touched by shivery organ,leaden piano rumblings and rattling percussion. The horror mounts one lethalbeat at a time in songs like "The Body Burned Away," as ritual bells chimein the distance. And though there are too many goofy bird sound effects onthe gorgeous instrumental title track, its unexpectedly lush vibes-and-pianoduet chases away the gloom. At least for a second.