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You ever hear a name so much that you really should indeed check them out?
  You ever trust alabel given everything they've released you've really liked? Have youever come home drunk, checking email and seeing an announcement of newreleases from an online store and chose things without thinking much?Well, here's a perfect case. This CD single has me confused whether Ithink it's the next big thing or it's so fucking awful I think I willstart peforming stress and endurance tests on it. Loads of 14 year oldsare making music like this in their parents house, although I've heardlots of teenagers making music less weak and cliche than this shit. Ithas some weird enjoyable element to it, all the same... Maybe I justdon't get it. To me,it sounds like discount kitsch, with predictablesimple beats and trashy lyrics. Then again, people do indeed buyterrible music. (Cylob fans will enjoy this.) As for myself, morelistens and I'm more confused. Listen to the sound samples and decidefor yourself.