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Spring Heel Jack push forward with their fourth release of this year.
  Disappeared is thefirst brand new full-lengther with all-new material to surface however.I guess it's taken this time for Thirsty Ear in the USA to catch up totheir European output... Regardless, the depths of their music hasexpanded in range over the last few releases. This CD of all-newmaterial has carried over their fondness of organic instruments (bothlive and sampled) and jazz rhythms but has left the overused samplesand pre-programmed sound synths behind. No longer is this the "drum andbass" band it used to be, with a collection of 4-8 minute songs justtossed together. Conceptually, this album flows and moves like an albumshould, with songs appropriately placed - mixing up songs of bombasticbeats between songs of deep introspection, flowing naturally into eachother rather than sounding like a collection of 12" singles. After afew more listens for myself, this will definitely become one of thosememorized instrumental albums—where you always know what's coming next.