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the b-sides, "Yes, Indeed, the b-sides, Quite!"

What a great influence Weezer have had on the youth music scene. Their fun-sounding geek rock was almost revolutionary to most kids (who unfortunately had heard nothing like Weezer before) when "Undone: The Sweater Song" hit the radio and television airwaves. And now the kids influenced by Weezer and the like are starting to record music.

Take the b-sides, for example. From the first notes of "The theme song," you hear the Weezer influence. You immediately wonder: can they sustain this for a whole album? No. Can they show us that there is a maturity in the other songs, mixing the poppy moments with sober rock songs that are well-crafted and hooky? Yes, they can. This first release for the band, sub-titled their greatest hits from their next four albums in the liner notes for the CD, is the first full-length release from the b-sides, whose members are no older than 21, except bassist Ken Mosher of Squirrel Nut Zippers fame. The CD is a pop gem. Vocal harmonies and hummable melodies abound, backed by rhythms that will make your toes tap on their own. The b-sides try hard on this release, showing off a great range of styles and sounds. They also show competent proficiency with their instruments for their (seemingly) tender ages. Independent geek rock has new saviours in the b-sides. Yes, indeed, quite.