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Jarboe returns with her second self-released album, the fifth to date ofher solo career. In the past two years she has continued to develop asa person and artist through world travel and numerous new collaborationsand projects, such as a live performances with the new The Living Jarboeband and an in depth, interactive web site. This disc is actuallyvolume 1 of an eventual 4 under the "Disburden Disciple" title. Jarboeconsiders the first post SWANS album "Anhedoniac" her 'disease' albumand this one the 'healing' album. Both seem to me to be part of thecathartic, exploratory process of re-birth and growth, a further movingaway from the music, image and love/hate issues of her past. Most songshave a guitar/bass/drums band based core interjected with bits of MiddleEastern flavored percussion, loops, piano and strings. And, of course,the voice. The many poetic voices and moody personas that Jarboeconjures and unleashes from within ... from the starkly beautiful to thedownright frightening. Overall the album is fairly quiet and restrained,in a good way, save for a raucous rock and roll outro for "Bound" and ablood curdling scream finale for "Scarification". The mid-section of thealbum (most notably "Kiss of Life", "Under" and "The Seance") veers offinto more 'artsy' areas with theatrical lyrical/vocal passages and soundeffects - the relative low points in my opinion. "Consume Me","Scorpion", "Forbid" and "Forgive" provide the more gentle moments withpretty voices and lush guitar atmospheres. "Dear 666" features aslightly acidic voice set against the intriguing slow motion interplay ofrough around the edges guitar and bass lines. "Scarification" and "PureWar" are both primal in feel with the vocals and percussion groove at theforefront, the latter also embedded with field recordings from Israel."Disburden Disciple" is everything you'd expect from Jarboe: a genuinelyunique and richly varied listening experience that will take much time tofully digest. This is the result of someone successfully carving theirown path and thankfully sharing those results with others.