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The Third Eye Foundation, "Little Lost Soul"

Finally, this is the album we all knew Matt Elliot could make.

Domino UK/ Merge US

The Third Eye Foundation - Little Lost Soul

Sure, everybody's heard rave things about him and his music but anyone who's bought one of the albums or seen him in concert has thought there could be something more. This is it. The album is clean and clear, all the music flows well and at the end I'm hitting play again. It's not far from the first few albums - a little drum and bass, some loungey organ tunes, choral vocal samples all mixed in with an appropriate progression.

"I've Lost That Loving Feline" and "Stone Cold Said So" wash over the listener as very nice punchy beat tunes with pretty samples taking the front stage. The second track, "What is it With You?" hits me with a keyboard progression all to remeniscent of Architecture and Morality-era OMD, while the 11-minute "Are You Still a Cliche?" just blows me away with its grand and beautiful sounding acoustic forward/reverse guitar - combined with solo vocalist and orchestral samples. An easy contender for a Lynch film broken hearted dream sequence.