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The Walker Brothers, "The Singles +"

From a small label in Holland comes this amazingly priced double CD set, a singles compilation from Scott Engel, John Maus and Gary Leeds, who are most commonly known as Scott, John and Gary Walker. The collection grabs 45 A-sides and popular hits from the trio both together and in solo form, stretching from 1965 through 1981.The Brothers' own brand of kitchy love and anthemic pop has manifested into numerous timeless classics. Marc Almond, Magnetic Fields, Pizzicato Five and David Bowie all owe notable portions of their careers to the influence of the Walker Brothers. Cover tunes of their hits can also be heard from people as diverse as Donna Summer, Chris Connelly and Dead Can Dance's Brendan Perry. This compact collection serves as a great career retrospective and would make a great addition to any newbie or current fan's CD shelves as the artwork and liner notes also provide a global perspective of their international success.