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Thighpaulsandra, "The Michel Publicity Window EP"

Coil fans may have been a bit taken aback when Thighpaulsandra's releases started to surface on Eskaton. The music was a mishmosh of genres from improv jazz to neo-clssical and glam rock, unpolarized over the course of an overwhelming 2½ hours. This compact extended-play single lifts the title track from its 30-something minute surroundings and extracts all overbearing drones into a comfortable well-focused 3½ minute ambiguous yet infectious pop tune which could easily be about An American Scenester in London, Miami DJ or Danny McKernan.



Thighpaulsandra - The Michel Publicity Window - EP

For the three remainding tracks, TPS is joined by familiar crew from the album's sessions on very synth-heavy and structurally bound pieces. The tunes are considerably shorter, less clouded with showoff musiciannery, while still being aurally challenging. "Paralysed" features guest vocals from percussionist Siªn Orgon in a very Tangerine Dream-esque analogue sequencer bisque. Coupled with "Hovercar Von Dusseldorf," the tracks are strongly remeniscent of the Cold War influenced instrumentality of the less popular 80s synth popsters. For the EP's closer, "Fouled", John Balance's shrieks gets added to Thighpaulsandra's in a nine-minute psychedelic bass guitar-heavy, live drum, guitar and synth mix which would easily appeal to any fan of the Last Man to Fly-era Tear Garden. Once again this Thighpaulsandra release might not be for all Coil fans, but it's worth the listen.