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Thread is essentiallyJames Izzo and "Abnormal Love" is his debut for Middle Pillar.  Izzohas obviously put much effort over the past year into making this albumdynamic and diverse with a strong sense of continuity.  Each song flowsinto the next, several with the aid of brief segue tracks, to make onecohesive whole out of all the pieces.  We shift naturally throughpassages of sample collage, electro/ebm, orchestra, dub, pianoarrangement and ambient soundscape.  Three songs have vocals.  Izzo'sare a bit pallid on their own, as on part 2 of "The Horror of theUndeserved Gift", but more functional alongside those of former SWANSmember Jarboe.  "Biomechanical Intercourse / The Malformed Heart" getsthings pumping with a steady electro heartbeat rhythm.  "In SweetSorrow (Duet Version)" differs from the single version (see Thread "In Sweet Sorrow")in that it's shorter and adds Izzo's low pitched masculine voice ascounterpoint to Jarboe's light feminine vocals.  "Blue Darkness(Orchestral)" blurs unintelligible voices amongst foreboding orchestralsynth melodies.  "God's Morse Code" is a groove-y 9 and 1/2 minute livejam of  underwater alien dub featuring the help of two extra players. "Contours" is a bizarre and somewhat difficult mix of percussion andduet vocals, Jarboe especially taking on a more devilish persona. "Saudade" (Portuguese for 'homesickness') is a beautifully sparse solopiano piece.  And "Skyscrapers and Sand" and "New Horizons" bring thealbum to an optimistic close with over 8 minutes of mellow ambiance. Altogether "Abnormal Love" is Thread's most accomplished and impressivework to date.  This is not merely a haphazard collection of randomtracks, but instead a carefully thought out and arranged album.