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More evidence that CDs are too easy to produce are all these bootlegs of Throbbing Gristle popping up.
  Years ago I had arguments with people making TG bootlegcassettes about crediting them properly on the website in the TGdicography. My argument was that anybody can make a cassette releaseand photocopy something onto a piece of colored paper, I think I'mgoing to need to start extending that to CD releases. Back in the1900s, people who made bootlegs had to actively seek out a recordpressing plant who would take their cassette or reel-to-reel tape,doctor it up with the nicest equipment they could find, spend the madcash to chisel out an LP stamp and shell out some more for some hotblack wax and stiff cardboard to house it. Printing costs on sleeveswere much steeper as well. TG bootlegs in the 80s were special, somebecame classic respectable releases. Sure, the Psychic Rally was indeedan event to be at, but this CD is shit. I would be more impressed ifthe dork who decided to press this up had the 24 hours box set andmastered a version off cassette, but this was recorded direct fromscratchy LP, crackles and pops, skips and all. Many track titles areincorrect, the CD indexing is off the mark quite often, and I can eventell when the person doing the mastering turns the volume on the LP upand down! What a fucking waste.