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Tigerbeat6 presents "$" vols. 1-4

It's times like this I'm happy to be a turntable owner and cackle withglee at all the dumb sods who got rid of theirs. Yes, exciting thingscan still happen in the world of vinyl. Kid 606 and a tiny assortmentof fiends have all contributed to a series of four brand new seven-inchsingles on the Tigerbeat6 label. Of the eight sides represented here,606 appears on three, the rest filled by usual castmembers Cex andElectric Company along with some newcomers Com.A, Timeblind and JosephNothing. For each track, the said artist has taken large chunks of rapand hip hop tunes, (much like the now legendary "Attitude" release) andfucked them up beyond the point of commercial acceptance. The endresult is much to my liking and would be for anybody else who prefersthe comical dementia in which the tb6 crew and v/vm hacks excel in.There's a bonus however, and here's the magic of the vinyl medium: atthe end of each side, as the main track falls into silence the needlefalls into a locked groove — in order to hear the bonus bits, you needto get up and manually nudge the needle into one of two bonus lockedgrooves per side! These grooves ain't nothin like that noise stuff Nonwas doing over 20 years ago, as quite a large portion are carefully andmathematically precise beat loops. Charming, tasty andever-so-rewarding.