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tomas jirku, "immaterial"

Jirku's third full-lenth release is the second for Alien8's newSubsctractif label. Much like Tied and Tickled Trio [see below], Jirkuhas chosen this round to focus on less songs, developing them more.(Thank you! In the end, it's quality, not quantity that matters.)Immaterial is four 10+ minute songs, with a strong laptop glitcheryfoundation, completed with a healthy amount of field recordings and dubeffects. Track one, "Meson," is the score to a late night robbery scenein a dark, frightening future, while track two, "Gluon," could easilyunderline a night on the operating table drifting between consciousnessand unconsciousness. "Baryon," track three is an explicitlypornographic seduction from a space alien and track four, "Pion," Icleaned out the tub basin and hung a new shower curtain to. All fourtracks take their patient time to develop and skillfully ease into thenext, while the final ends with a calm rain storm which subliminallyand skillfully morphs into a seemingly endless stream of white noise.Jirku is young still, but he is showing a much more mature approach tocomposition and structure. 60 second samples hardly do this discjustice.