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Finally released fromForce-Inc. is the promised second full-lengther from youngster TomasJirku. From the big fuck up on the front cover (the album is named"Requins" on the cover) I'm somewhat leery of this despite myappreciation for his first release, earlier this year on Alien8. On'Sequins,' Jirku walks a thin tightrope between blonky Euro laptopglitch dub and gay designer lounge beats. Although I would appreciatePole sounding as interesting as this, the sound treatment is relativelyflat, lacking a depth or soul I'm more fond of. The disc feels long andrather tiresome if it's providing foreground music, however it wouldfit quite well providing background to a social evening indoors. Therepetitiveness contained herein could very well cause hypnosis orinduce sleep while all alone. It's not advisable to listen to thiseither in the car or at work!