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Ultra Living, "Transgression"

Never have I heard a record that made my brain want to chew it's wayout of my head until now. From the first track of 'Transgression,'called "Entwurf," Ultra Living sounds like a improvisedjazz/lounge/fusion project. Reminiscent of Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire,this sound seems to belie the band's moniker. It's followed by"Absurdly Pedantic" which features a repeated vocal loop and nice beatsand organ, but the occasional and prevalent insertion of high-pitchedfrequencies make it unlistenable and, well, absurdly pedantic. In fact,it seems like Ultra Living is desperately searching for an identitythroughout the release. The music is all fine, but I found itimpossible to stomach in one listen. The blending/breaking of styles isincreasingly difficult to justify, and goddamn those high frequencies.On a decent stereo or through headphones, your eardrums almost implodeat times. There are drum and bass moments ("Color-Perspective" and"Immaterial" — which also features beat box and soul sister singing),trip-hop moments ("Free Radicals"), and sounds like if the Borg made amusical ("Birds Must Be Eliminated" — a fitting track name for a Borgmusical, in fact). It's wildly inconsistent, a hodge-podge of stylesand sounds, but it's new, I'll give it that. I would just like to hearUltra Living stick with one direction and see where that leads. Mybrain couldn't take another release like this one.