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No, your stereo speakers did not just get thrown into a pool of water.Your CD-player is not being soaked in a pit of acid. You're justlistening to Vert, the newest to join the gang on Mouse On Mars' Germanlabel, Sonig. This four-song EP, available exclusively on vinyl, pushesthe envelope of far-out space-rhythms in a manner similar to MoM'sstyle circa Niun Niggung to the point where it sounds as if they mayhave borrowed each others' sample bag. Aside from the overlap in sound,it is truly enjoyable in that there is not much else that can only bedescribed zany dance dub or country-western Atari-esque samba music.The reverb is way up, the grooves are kickin with an extra pep, and yetthere is a nice primitive feel to this music that is so completelydrenched in digital. They recently toured with Mouse on Mars andTortoise, so if you for some reason missed that show and it seems thatmelting beebop is your cup of tea, I'd recommend this. What is Vert?