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The more I hear from Helsinki's Vladislav Delay, the more I'm convinced he's a genius.
 "Multila" is 1 of 2 full length cds so far this year, the other,"Entain", on Mille Plateaux (see The Brain volume 3, issue 18) and thisone on Chain Reaction. The sounds within Multila's 7 tracks (73 minutestotal) are similar to Entain's but here most feature a more definedrhythm. Delay's compositions aren't quite techno, dub, glitch, ambientor anything else for that matter. He has a very distinct sound all hisown. And describing this simply as 'techno' would be as misleading asdescribing Miles Davis' "Bitches Brew" simply as 'jazz'. Delay lets histracks flow and grow with a mutating sea of grainy audio fragmentsfreely rubbing up against one another and all anchored by the bass andbeat. He carefully controls the random nature of the heavily effectedsounds to shape them into gorgeous, deeply moody songs that are equallyat home on the dancefloor or in the bedroom. And it's the lengthiesttracks such as the 22+ minute "Huone" where he fully displays hisability to develop a piece and maintain your interest in it. Part ofthe text on the front of the digipack says "Multila is a soundtrack forvision". I'd say it's more a soundtrack for all of the senses -conscious and unconscious. It's a masterpiece. Next up is LUOMO"Vocalcity" on Force Inc. due out September 19th ...