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 If it's sick and it'slove, then it's undoubtedly V/Vm. The latest CD release from thisStockport pig farmer includes no less than 21 violations ofInternational Copyright Law. 'Sick Love' includes V/Vm's latest singlerelease, "The Lady In Red (is dancing with meat)," first premiered inBarcelona at Sonar. Other timeless classics include "Take My BeefAway," "Blue Thighs (Baby's got)," and "I Need Lard." This is thecurrent direction of V/Vm—a reaction to the mainstream pork—turningmundane pop shit into golden moments of pure chewing satisfaction. WhenI think of all the painful times I've walked through the aisles ofvarious shopping environments, subjected to Celine, Whitney, and AlanParsons, I'm thankful I always have some V/Vm recordings waiting for mein the car, in my walkman or at home. Thank you, pig.